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Aluminum Spirit Level

Model: ASL20-800,ASL20-1000,ASL20-1200
1.Length: 800mm,1000mm,1200mm
2.High Accuracy (±0.5mm/m)
3.High precision Vials (45-deg, 90-deg and 180-deg)
4.90-deg Viewing Window
5.Twin Handle Holes

  • ASL20 series
  • Geomaster
  • 9031809090

Model: ASL20-800,ASL20-1000,ASL20-1200
ASL20-800: 800mm×30mm×65mm×1.2mm
ASL20-1000: 1000mm×30mm×65mm×1.2mm
ASL20-1200: 1200mm×30mm×65mm×1.2mm
2.Accuracy: ±0.5mm/m

Note: Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice.

Alternative Names
DIY Tool, Hand Tool, Hand Level, Spirit Level, Aluminum Level, Aluminum Spirit Level, I-Beam Level, Laser Level, Laser Tool, Line Level, Surface Level, Surveying Tool, Measuring Tool, Torpedo Level, Post Level, Chalk Line, Bubble Level, Bullseye Level, Circular Level, Plate Level, Abney Level, Sokkia Hand Level, SECO Hand Level, CST Hand Level, Johnson Hand Level, Disto Tool, Disto Level, Stanley Tool, Dewalt Tool, Hilti Tool, Power Tool

Model: ASL20-800,ASL20-1000,ASL20-1200
1.Equipped with 3 extra-precision Vials (45-deg, 90-deg and 180-deg)
2.Viewing window of 90-deg vial for measuring at narrow corners
3.Installed with robust and anti-shock Caps on both ends
4.Precisely-milled double surfaces ensuring super flatness and high accuracy
5.Ergonomically-designed rubberized twin Handle Holes for comfortable and secure gripping
6.Customization service available, from 600mm-2000mm.

Packing Details
Model: ASL20-800,ASL20-1000,ASL20-1200
1)N.W. per piece: 635g; 2)Qty/CTN: 30pcs; 3)N.W/G.W./CTN: 19kg/21kg
4)Size/CTN: 0.057cbm(82cm×33cm×21cm)

1)N.W. per piece: 780g; 2)Qty/CTN: 20pcs; 3)N.W/G.W./CTN: 15kg/17kg
4)Size/CTN: 0.05cbm(102cm×33cm×21cm)

1)N.W. per piece: 920g; 2)Qty/CTN: 20pcs; 3)N.W/G.W./CTN: 19kg/21kg
4)Size/CTN: 0.06cbm(122cm×33cm×21cm)

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