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Aluminum Tripod

Model: GM-JJ21F series
2.Triangular Flat Head,Round Legs
3.Triple Locks: Wing-nut +Double Quick-Clamps
4.Height: 174-270cm (68.5-106.3")
5.ABS Dust Cover and Anti-skidding Chains

  • GM-JJ21F
  • Geomaster
  • 9015900090

Model: GM-JJ21F series

1.Head Type: Triangular Flat (F)
2.Triple Locks: Wing Nut+ Double Quick Clamps
3.Head Size: 160mm (OD)
4.Head Bore: 67.5mm (ID)
5.Min. Height: 174cm (68.5")
6.Max. Height: 270cm (106.3")
7.Connecting Screw Thread: 5/8"

Model: GM-JJ21F series

1.Triple Locking System (Screw Lock+ Double Quick Clamps) offering supremely secure,sturdy and steady locking function
2.Galvanized Anti-skidding security chains preventing tripods from sliding on slippery grounds
3.Metal pointed tip-toe for hard, slippery, soft, wet and rugged surfaces
4.Super-height telescoping legs offering flexible working heights either indoor or outdoor 
5.Universal 5/8" Thread for mounting most heavy-duty surveying and construction instruments (Robotic Stations, Scanners...)
6.Robust poly-webbing Shoulder Strap for easy carrying and transport
7.Equipped with ABS Dust Cover to protect tripod head from being scratched or damaged
8.Different colors available: BK (Black), GN (Leica Green), GY (Sokkia Gray), OR (Orange),YW (Topcon Yellow)
9.Security stand SST14-600 series for option
10.Customization service available.Note: Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice!

Alternative Names
Surveying Tripod, Surveyor Tripod, Prism Tripod, GPS Tripod, Laser Tripod, Aluminum Tripod, Fiberglass Tripod, Wooden Tripod, Bosch
Tripod, Geomax Tripod, Leica Tripod, Nikon Tripod, Sokkia Tripod, Topcon Tripod, Trimble Tripod, Portable Tripod, Elevating Tripod,
Elevator Tripod,Disto Tripod, Contractor Tripod, Camera Tripod, Builder Tripod, Theodolite Tripod, Scanner Tripod, Robotic Tripod,
Surveying Equipment, Surveying Accessory

Packing Details
Model: GM-JJ21F series

1.N.W.: 6kg
2.Qty./CTN: 1pc
3.G.W./CTN: 8.0kg
4.Size/CTN: 0.08cbm(181cm×20cm×22cm)

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