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GPS Tripod

Model: GTD21-185
1.Equivalent to Seco-style 5218-02
2.Clamping range 25.4-32mm (1-1¼")
3.Height from 1.13m to 1.85m
4.Quick-release thumbs
5.Twist Knob Lock on uncrushable head

  • GTD21-185
  • Geomaster
  • 9015900090

Model: GTD21-185
1.Minimum height: 1.13m (44")
2.Maximum height: 1.85m (72")
3.Uncrushable metal head clamping diameter: 25.4-32mm (1-1¼")
4.Aluminum tube diameter: 0.9-1.0mm
5.Locking system: all Thumb Release (TR)+ Twist knob Lock
6.Head locking system: metal twist knob lock
7.Color: orange red

Model: GTD21-185
1.Made of heavy-duty construction aluminum
2.Rugged for indoor and outdoor surveying, measuring and construction
3.Specially designed open-clamp for accommodating all present free-standing Surveying Poles
and Rods such as Prism Poles (incl.all Leica GLS Reflector Poles), Laser Poles, GNSS/GPS Antenna Poles, Radio
Poles, Rover Rods, Range Poles, etc

4.Equivalent to and alternative to Thumb-release aluminum Tripods like Seco 5218-02, CST
Berger 67-4250

5.Metal Twist Knob Locking Mechanism offering fast attaching or detaching the poles
6.All Quick-release Thumbs holding the Telescopic Legs at your desired working height
7.Equipped with metal feet with replaceable Tip Points for easy transfixing to the groundideal for hard, slippery or
uneven surfaces
8.Coming with red rugged Carrying Bag for carry-around and easy storage
9.Multiple Colors available: Black, Fluorescent Yellow, Orange Red, Orange Yellow
10.Customization service available

Note: Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice.

Related Names
Aluminum Pole,Aluminum Rod,Antenna Mast,Antenna Pole,Antenna Rod,Carbon Fiber Pole,Carbon Pole,Fiber Pole,Fiberglass Pole, GNSS Pole,GNSS Rod,
Laser Pole,Laser Rod,Mini Pole, Mini Prism Pole,Prism Pole,Prism Rod,Range Pole,Range Rod,Rover 
Pole,Rover Rod,Satellite Stick, Surveying Accessories,
Surveying Equipment,Surveying Instrument,Surveying Pole,Surveying Rod,
Telescoping Pole,Telescoping Rod,Telescopic Reflector Pole,Reflector Pole,
Leica Pole,Seco Pole,Sokkia Pole, 
Trimble Pole,Geospatial Rod,TLV Pole,TLV Rod

Packing Details
Model: GTD21-185
1.N.W.: 3kg
2.Qty: 6pcs
3.G.W.: 20kg
4.Size: 0.18cbm (118cm×32cm×48cm)

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