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Retro Target

Model: RT21/RD-30F/GY
1.Retro Target
2.w.double Retro Sheets
3.Red Back Base (RD,100mm × 36mm)
4.Silver Sheet (GY,30mm×30mm)
5.Measuring Range: 150-160m

  • RT21/RD-30F/GY
  • Geomaster
  • 9031809090

Model: RT21/RD-30F/GY
1.Retro Sheet
1)Style: F
2)Size: 30mm×30mm
3)Color: Silver Gray (GY)
4)Measuring Range: 150-160m

2.Back Mounting Base
1)Color: Red
2)Dimensions: 100mm × 36mm × 3mm
3)Fixing Holes: 2 × 5.60 (Dia)
4)N.W.: 18g

Note:Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice.

Alternative Names
Geomax Target,Leica Target,Nikon Target,Prism Carrier,Prism Holder,Prism Target,Retro Sheet,Retro Target,Retroreflective Sheet,Retroreflective Tape,
Retroreflective Target,Seco Target,Sokkia Target,Survey Target,Surveying Accessories,Surveying Equipment,Surveying Instrument,Surveying Target,
Topcon Target,Trimble Target,Geomaster Target,3D Target,3D Laser Target,3D Scanner Target,3D Scanner Sphere,Laser Scanner Sphere,Leica Scanner
Target,Scanner Reference,Reference Sphere,Reference Target,Leica Scanner,Faro Scanner,Trimble Scanner,Geomax Scanner,Riegl Scanner,Drone Target,
Drone Survey Target, Drone Plate, Drone Ground Marker, Drone Ground Target,Drone Control Point, Survey Point

Model: RT21/RD-30F/GY
1.Installed with double Retro Sheets (45 degree)
2.Sheet Styles optional: A,B,C,D,E,F
3.Sheet Colors optional: Amber Yellow (YW) or Silver Gray (GY)
4.Back Base Colors optional: Black or Red
5.Ideal for short-range monitoring in difficult construction sites such as bridges, tunnels,
railway and subway constructions,etc.
6.Compatible with all present top-brand Surveying Instruments like Leica, Trimble, Sokkia, Topcon.
7.Customization service available.

Shipping Info per Shipping Carton
Model: RT21/RD-30F/GY
1.N.W.: 18g
2.Qty: 100pcs
3.G.W.: 5.5kg
4.Size: 0.036cbm(42cm×24cm×36cm)

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