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Road Monitoring Prism

Model: RS/OP21-178A-1
1.Mini Prism Aperture: 17.8mm
2.Silver-coated; Accuracy: 5"
3.One-sided Single Prism
4.Measuring Range: up to 500m
5.with 4 Fixing Holes

  • RS/OP21-178A-1
  • Geomaster
  • 9015900090

Model: RS/OP21-178A-1
1.One-sided single Mini Prism Mini175
1)Effective Aperture: 17.5mm
2)Accuracy: ≦5"
3)Vertical Inclination: 20º
4)Material: precision-ground Optical Glass K9; silver-coated
5)Measuring Range: up to 500m (under normal condition)

2.Cast Aluminum Housing CAH-100
1)Body Dimensions: 100mm×100mm×23mm
2)Fixing Holes: 4 × 6mm (Dia); countersunk: 12mm (Dia)
3)Flexible fixing methods: screwed, nailed, glued (adhesive)

3.Model Series
RS/OP21-178A-1 (single Prism,one-sided)
RS/OP21-178A-2a (single Prism,each-sided)
RS/OP21-178A-2b (dual Prisms,one-sided)
RS/OP21-178A-4 (dual Prisms,each-sided)

Note: Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice.

Alternative Names
360-deg Prism,90-deg Prism,Cats Eye Prism,L-bar Prism,Leica Prism,Mini Prism,Mini Prism Set,Mini Prism System, Monitoring Mini Prism,Monitoring Prism,
Nikon Prism,Prism Reflector,Prism Station,Reflector Prism,Road Monitoring Prism,Road Prism,Road Stud, Robotic Prism,Robotic Prism Station,Rotating Prism,
Sokkia Prism, Stakeout Mini-Prism, Surveying Accessories, Surveying Equipment,Surveying Instrument,Surveying Prism,Topcon Prism,Traverse Prism Kit,
Traverse Prism System,Trimble Prism,Tunnel Prism,Construction Prism,Subway Prism

Model: RS/OP21-178A-1
1.Specially designed for monitoring the settlement and deformation of roads, pavements and other construction surfaces)
2.Accuracy available: ≦5" or ≦8"
3.Copper-coated or silver-coated available
4.Aluminum Housing with 2 colors available: YW (Bright Yellow) and AL (Cast Aluminum)
5.Customization service available.

Packing Details
Model: RS/OP21-178A-1
1.N.W.: 336g
2.Qty/CTN: 50pcs
3.G.W./CTN: 19kg
4.Size/CTN: 0.06cbm(48cm×27cm×46cm)

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