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Traverse Prism Kit

Model: BLK360-X12/6402FLGN
1.Geomaster Traverse Prism Kit (BLK360)
2.Seco-style Traverse Prism Kit (Offset: 0mm or -30mm)
3.Prism Holder & Target X12-6402/FLGN
4.Steel Target (69",C45) & Al. Holder (45mm LNG ADP)
5.BLK Prism Adapter AL13/G-BL(w.Optical Plummet)
6.BLK Prism Tribrach AJ13/G-BL(w/o.Optical Plummet)
7.Compatible w.all Surveying Prisms w.M20 ext. Thread
8.With Plastic Carrying Case or Cushioned Bag (PAB)

  • BLK360-X12/6402FLGN

  • Geomaster

  • 9015900090

Specifications & Features
Model: BKL360-X12/6402FLGN
This brand new Seco-style Traverse Prism Kit (Geomaster Prism Reflector Traverse Combo,BLK360) includes Surveying Prism Reflector, Prism Holder & Target X12-6402/FLGN, Prism Adapter & Tribrach LJ13/G-BLK and Plastic Carrying

1.Surveying Prism Reflector (Single Circular Prism,62-64mm)
1)Accuracy: ≦5"
, ≦3", 2"
2)Geomaster Prism Reflectors a/v: GPR112 series,AY01 series,AY02 series,AY04 series
)Compatible with all present Surveying Prisms w.M20 external Mounting Thread

2.Geomaster all-metal Prism Holder & Target: X12-6402/FLGN
1)Replacement of Seco Premier Prism Holders 6402 series
2)Steel Target (69",C45): FLGNlow (FLGN) with Black
3)Black-anodized Aluminum Holder with Long Adapter (LNG,45mm)
4)Offset: 0mm & -30mm
5)Tilting Axis Height: 115mm
6)M20 Universal Mounting Thread
7)Brass Rear Locking Mechanism

3.Geomaster Prism Adapter & Tribrach LJ13/G-BLK
1)Black Prism Adapter AL13/G-BLK,with Optical Plummet
2)Black Prism Tribracc 
AJ13/G-BLK,without Optical Plummet
3)Compatible with all Geomaster Prism Adapters and Tribrachs, incl. Leica-style GDF series Tribrachs but except
Leica-style GZR and GRT Carriers

4.Prism Carrying Case and Bag a/v
1)Cushioned ABS Carrying Case: PAB-1OR,PAB-1YW
2)Soft Carrying Bag: PAB-2,PAB-3

Note: Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice.

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Model: BLK360-X12/6402FLGN
This Kit includes Surveying Prism Reflector, Prism Holder & Target X12-6402/FLGN,Prism Adapter & Tribrach
LJ13/G-BLK and Plastic Carrying Case PAB-1YW
1.N.W.: 3.5-4.0kg (incl.Carrying Case)
2.Qty:./CTN 2pcs
4.Size/CTN 0.08cbm (48cm×43cm×38cm)

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