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GPS Pole Tip

Model: Tip-330
1.GPS Pole Tip/GPS Pole Tiptoe
2.Made of galvanized Steel
3.Effective Height: 33mm
4.Detachable and Replaceable
5.For Geomaster GPS Poles(GAP series)
6.For Geomaster Prism Poles (PP series)

  • Tip-330

  • Geomaster

  • 90318090

Model: Tip-330
1)Made of galvanized steel
2)Effective Height: 33mm
3)Male Adapter Thread: M10
4)Easily detachable from Geomaster GPS Pole Joint Joint-530 (53mm high)
5)Fast replaceable on working sites
6)N.W.: 27g

Model: Tip-330
1)Easily Detachable and fast replaceable
2)Used for Geomaster GPS Poles GAP series (2m,2.6m,3.6m,4.6m,5.1m)
3)Used for Geomaster Prism Poles PP19A and PP19B series (2.6,3.6m,4.6m)
4)Mostly used for GPS Poles,Prism Poles,GPS Bipods,Prism Bipods,GPS Tripods,Range Poles
5)Compatible w. most of the present Surveying Poles (GPS Poles, Prism Poles and GPS Poles)

Note: Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice.

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Packing Details
Model: GAP21-260B
1.N.W.: 1.05-1.1kg
2.Qty./CTN: 10pcs
3.G.W./CTN: 13kg
4.Size/CTN: 0.16cbm (160cm×25cm×40cm)

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