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L-bar Monitoring Prism

Model: GMB-104D/3,GMB-104D/5,GMB-104D/8
1.L-bar Monitoring Prism
2.Equivalent to Leica-style GMP104
3.Prism Aperture: 25.4mm
4.Prism Accuracy: ≦3",5",≦8"
5.Prism Constant: -24mm
6.Copper-coated, water-proof
7.Measuring Range: up to 1000m

  • GMB-104D
  • Geomaster
  • 90318090

Model: GMB-104D/3,GMB-104D/5,GMB-104D/8
1.Equivalent to Leica-style GMP104-L
2.Accuracy: GMB-104D/3: ≦3"; GMB-104D/5: ≦5"; GMB-104D/8: ≦8"
3.Mini Prism Effective Aperture: 25.4mm (1 inch)
4.Central Height: 60mm (as shown)
5.Prism Constant: depending on mounting positions (-24mm)
6.Copper-coated and water-proof (sealed in metal Canister)
7.Prism Reflectivity: 95%
8.Prism Surface Finish: 60~40
9.Measuring Range: up to 1000m (under normal weather condition)

Model: GMB-104D/3,GMB-104D/5,GMB-104D/8
1.Equivalent to and replacement of Leica-style GMP104-L
2.Different Accuracy (3/5/8 arc seconds) for option to meet various surveying and monitoring tasks
3.Copper-coated: standard
4.Silver-coated, anti-reflex silver-coated or anti-reflex copper-coated available
5.Hermetically sealed in black anodized Aluminum Housing,dust-proof, moisture-proof and water-proof for rough
working environments
6.Sturdy Aluminum Holder L-bar: 3"×3", w.2 Holes (Diameter 6mm) mounting on different surfaces or places,
temporary or permanent
7.Customization service available

Note: Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice.

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Packing Details
Model: GMB-104D/3,GMB-104D/5,GMB-104D/8
1.N.W.: 230g (w.Carrying Bag)
2.Qty./CTN: 50pcs
3.G.W./CTN: 12kg
4.Size: 0.02cbm(45cm×20cm×22cm)

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