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Magnetic Fixed Carrier

Model: MFC60-58/70
1.Geomaster Magnetic Fixed Carrier (MFC)
2.Replacement of Leica Original GRT146
3.Magnetic Base O.D.: 60mm
4.External Connecting Thread: 5/8"
5.Shaft Height: 70mm
6.Triple Button Magnets (Ø20)
7.Triple Fixing Holes (3×M5)
8.Compatible w.all 5/8" internal-threaded Surveying Equipment

  • MFC60-58/70

  • Geomaster

  • 90159000

Model: MFC60-58/70
This Prism Suction Holder Kit includes Magnetic Mounting Base MMB60-8 and Geo-Adapter ADP8-58/70

1.Magnetic Mounting Base MMB60-8
1)Made of anodized Aluminum Alloy 6061T6
Base Diameter: 60mm
3)Base Thickness: 8mm
4)Central Fixing Hole: M8
5)Triple Fixing Holes: M5
6)Triple Button Magnets: NdFeB; Dia.20mm
7)N.W.: 150-155g

2.Geo-Adapter (Prism Mount Adapter) ADP8-58/70
1)Made of anodized Aluminum Alloy 6061T6
2)Adapter: external M8 (Bottom) to external 5/8"(Top)
3)Shaft Height: 70mm
4)Centering Accuracy: ± 1.5mm
5)Shaft Diameter: 16mm±1mm
6)N.W.: 90-95g

3.Packing Details
1)N.W.: 240-250g

Model: MFC60-58/70
1.Replacement of Leica-style Fixed Carrier (GRT146) for traversing and precise setting-up
2.Compatible with all 5/8" female-threaded Surveying Equipment such as Prism Holders, Retro Targets, Laser
Scanner Targets, Laser Scanner Spheres,
Survey Targets, GPS and RTK
.Equipped with 3×M5 Fixing Holes for fitting on concrete or wooden constructions
4.Embedded with
3×Ø20 strong Button Magnets (NdFeB) for metal construction surveying such as railway,
steel bridges,steel structures,etc.

.Customization services available:
1)Shaft Height: 70-200mm
2)Base Diameter: 60-100mm

Note: Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice.

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