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Pocket Compass

Model: DQL-19
1.Worldwide Pocket Compass
2.Measuring Azimuth,Bearing,Distance,Slope...
3.For Positioning,Surveying,Mining,Mapping...
4.Bead-sighting System
Luminescent Outer Circle

  • DQL-19
  • Geomaster
  • 90140000

Features and Specifications
Model: DQL-19
Ideal for Military Training, Mining, Camping, Hiking, Mapping, Positioning, Surveying,etc; measuring Azimuth, Bearing, Distance,Slope...
1.Sighting System
Sight Bead with Magnetic Declination Adjuster (Zero Pin)
2.Outer Circle (Luminescent Dial)
Range: 360º; Interval: 10º; Min Graduation: 1º; Accuracy: ±0.5°
Range: ±90º; Min. Graduation: 1º; With Conversion Table of Slope Angle
4.Induction-dampened Needle
Damping Time: 15"; Needle locked when out of use
5.Levels (Bubbles)
Circular Level: 30'±5'/2mm; Plate Level: 15'±5'/2mm
Optional: Army Green, Black, Bronze, Camouflage,Copper
Body Housing: Zinc Alloy; Outer Circle and Sighting Mirror: ABS
8.IP: Fully-sealed; water-proof, dust-proof and shock-proof
9. Ambient/Storage Temperature
-20℃~50℃ (normal-temperature storage suggested)

Note:Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice.

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Packing Details
Model: DQL-19
1.N.W.: 313g; G.W.: 366g (Box and Accessories)
2.Diameter: 65mm; Dimensions: 80mm×70mm×32mm
3.Qty./CTN: 30pcs
4.G.W./CTN: 13kg
5.Size/CTN: 0.025cbm (32cm×24cm×32cm)
6.Coming with Cloth Bag or Leather Bag, Flannelette, User Guide

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