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Battery Cable

Model: BC-565854
1.Battery Cable (DC12v)
2.Replacement of Leica Cable 565854
3.Lemo 0B 5Pin (Male)+Alligator Clips+Fuse(15A)
4.For Leica TS,TPS,GS Battery )DC12v)

  • BC-565854
  • Geomaster
  • 8531200000

Features & Specifications
Model: BC-565854
1.Battery Cable for Leica Surveying Instruments
2.Equivalent to and replacement of Leica Cable 565854
3.Connector & Interface: Lemo 0B 5Pin (Male) + Alligator Clips+Fuse (15A)
4.For connecting Leica Total Stations (TS30,TM30,TPS1200,TS02/06/09/10,TCRP1203),GPS
Receivers (GS14,GS15,SR530,1200GPS) or DNA Digital Levels to Vehicle Battery (12v)
or External Battery (12v)
5.Cable Color: Black
6.Core Material: Copper
7.Core Covering: PUR
8.Cable Length: 1.8-2.0m

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Alternative Names
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Packing Details

Model: BC-565854
1.N.W.: 133g

Note: Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice.

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