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LiDAR Dolly Tripod

Model: AWD-580
1.LiDAR Dolly Tripod/Laser Scanner Tripod
2.Manual Lifting Range: 190-580cm
3.Square Tube Sections: 4
4.Max Payload up to 20kg
5.Detachable BLK Mount Plate: 200mm(Dia.)×12mm(T.)
6.Gear-driven Connecting Adapter 5/8"×11
7.Dolly Tripod w.3 lockable Rubber Casters
8.For LiDAR,3D Laser Scanners,Laser Trackers,ScanStations...

  • AWD-580
  • Geomaster
  • 9031809090

Model: AWD-580
Composed of detachable Mount Plate BLK360-8, Aluminum Telescopic Pole ATP580 and Aluminum Dolly Tripod ADT90

1.Heavy-duty BLK Mount Plate/Adapter BLK360-5/8
1)Plate Color: blackening oxidized (BLK)
2)Plate Dimensions: large-format, 200mm (Diameter)×12mm(Thickness)
3)Gear-driven Centre Thread: male 5/8"×11
4)Equipped with 24×M8 Fixing Holes (360°=24×15°)

2.Hard-wearing Aluminum Telescopic Pole ATP580-4
1)Pole Minimum Height: fully retracted to 190cm (75")
2)Pole Maximum Height: fully extended to 580cm (228")
3)Pole Sections: 4
4)Pole Outer Diameters: 30mm,35mm,40mm,45mm
5)Pole Material: Aluminum Alloy 6063-T6 (Al-Mg-Si)
6)Max Vertical Payload: up to 15kg

3.Super-duty Aluminum Dolly Tripod ADT90
1)Durable Square Legs: 90mm(L)×25mm
2)Equipped with 3 lockable rubber Wheels (Casters)
3)Max Payload: up to 20kg

Model: AWD-580
1.Specially designed for heavy-duty Surveying, Scanning and Monitoring Instruments such as LiDAR, Laser Trackers,
3D Laser Scanners,
Robotic Total Stations,ScanStations like Leica,Geomax,Trimble,Topcon,Sokkia,Faro,Riegl,etc
2.Wide Range of Elevation (190-580cm) to meet the needs of different working heights
3.Gear-driven Centre Adapter Thread (male 5/8"×11) providing efficient instrument installation and uninstallation.
4.Large-format BLK Mount Plate (200mm×12mm) equipped with 24×M8 Fixing Holes to install light-weight and
medium-weight such as LED Lights,Laser Scanner Spheres,Laser Tracker Reflectors, Robotic Prism Reflector...

4.M8 Fixing Holes also suitable for Eye Bolts of Guying Ropes to provide more stability
5.Powerful and sturdy Locking Mechanisms for secure and fast elevating
6.All Tubes made of high-strength Al-Mg-Si Alloy for all weather conditions, waterproof, dust-proof and anti-corrosion
7.Heavy-duty lockable Rubber Wheels (Casters) providing fast and stable movement
8.Super-duty Supporting Tripod against windy weathers
9.Customization services available: Height from 2.3m-10m; Payload from 20-30kg

Note: Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice.

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Packing Details
Model: AWD-580
1.N.W./PC: 22kg (whole set)
2.Qty./CTN: 1pc
3.G.W./CTN: 23kg
4.Size/CTN: 0.09cbm(197cm×26cm×18cm)

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