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Nylon-coated Steel Tape

Model: JGW-5022,JGW-10022
1.Seco-style nylon-coated Steel Measuring Tape
2.Tape Length: 50m & 100m
3.Tape Width: 12.5mm
4.3x Rewinding Speed
5.Shatter-proof ABS Frame
6.Reinforced Comfortable Handle Grip
.Single-sided or Dual-sided Graduations

  • JGW-5022,JGW-10022
  • Geomaster
  • 9015900090

Specifications & Features
Model: JGW-5022,JGW-10022
1.Tape Length: JGW-5022,50m/165ft; JGW-10022,100m/333ft
2.Tape Width: 12.5mm
3.Equipped with 3x Rewinding Speed Gear for efficient measuring
4.Shatter-proof ABS Frame for all kinds of working conditions
5.TPE Reinforced Handle for comfortable and secure gripping
6.Extruded nylon-coated Steel Blade for long service life and precise measuring
7.Metal Hook to secure the tape in place while in use to ensure accuracy
8.The Cusp designed as measuring start point
9.Two Blade Colors available: white or yellow
10.Different Combinations of Graduations available on one side or two sides
1)Metric System (m,cm,mm)
2)Imperial System (ft/12"/4ths,ft/12"/8ths,ft/12"/16ths,ft/10ths/100ths)
3)Metric System+Imperial System

Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice.

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Packing Details
Model: JGW-5022
1.Qty./CTN: 12pcs
2.G.W./CTN: 16kg
3.Size/CTN: 0.06cbm (68cm×35cm×25cm)

Model: JGW-10022
1.Qty./CTN: 10pcs
2.G.W./CTN: 18kg
3.Size/CTN: 0.12cbm (53cm×36cm×65cm)

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