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Rotating Precision Carrier

Model: AL13/B8-GN2 (GZR2)
1.Equivalent to Leica-style GZR2 
2.w/o.Optical Plummet
3.Plate Bubble 60"/2mm
4.Special for Leica Tribrach GDF112
(w.Optical Plummet)
5.Compatible w.all Tribrachs

  • AL13/B8-GN2 (GZR2)
  • Geomaster
  • 9015900090

Model: AL13/B8-GN2 (GZR2)
Rotating Precision Carrier Leica-style GZR2
1.w/o Optical Plummet
2.Adjustable Plate Bubble: 60"/2mm
3.Color: Pale green
4.N.W.: 850g

Note: Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice.

Alternative Names

Fixed Adapter,Fixed Carrier,GNNS Tribrach,GPS Adapter,GPS Pole Adapter,GPS Tribrach,Laser Pole Adapter,Leveling Rod Adapter,
Leveling Staff Adapter,Mini Adapter,Optical Carrier,Precision Carrier,Precision Optical Carrier,Prism Adapter,Prism Carrier,Prism Pole Adapter,Prism Tribrach,Range Role Adapter,Rotating Adapter,Rotating Carrier,Scanner Sphere Adapter,SECO Adapter,Surveying Accessories,Surveying Equipment,Surveying Instrument,Tribrach Adapter,Leica Carrier

Model: AL13/B8-GN2
Rotating Precision Carrier  for traversing and precise setting-up
1.Equivalent to and replacement of Leica-style GZR2 (Pale Green)
2.w/o Optical Plummet
3.w.adjustable Plate Bubble: 60"/2mm
4.w.Leica-style Stub,compatible with all Leica-style Prism Holders
5.Fitting all standard three-prong forced-centering Prism Tribrachs such as Trimble, Topcon,Sokkia, Nikon, esp Leica-style.

Packing Details
Model: AL13/B8-GN2
1.N.W.: 850g
2.Qty./CTN: TBD


4.Size/CTN: TBD

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