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Staff Ground Plate

Model: GPS-1000
1.Leveling Staff Change Plate
2.N.W.: 1000g
3.Made from Iron Cast
4.Replaceable Steel Tips
5.Red powder-coated

  • GPS-1000
  • Geomaster
  • 9015900090

Features and Specifications
Model: GPS-1000
1.N.W.: 1000g
2.Outer Diameter: 6cm
3.Plate Thickness: 5mm
4.Specially designed to improve accuracy of level runs especially in soft terrain
5.Ensuring stable Foundation and Bench Mark when surveying in rugged construction sites
6.With replaceable Steel Tips offering reliable Protection for staffs when working on hard, slippery, muddy or uneven grounds
7.Made of gray Cast Iron and red powder-coated for all weather conditions
8.Coming with strong semi-circular metal Handle for convenient and secure carrying
9.Suitable for all kinds of Leveling Rods and Staffs: light-duty, medium-duty or heavy-duty Aluminum Staffs, Fiberglass Staffs, Invar Staffs, Barcode Staffs, Digital Staffs,etc
.Customization service available (1-5kg)

Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice.

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Plate, Leveling Rod Turning Plate,Leveling Grou
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Packing Details
Model: GPS-1000
1.Qty/CTN: 10pcs
2.G.W./CTN: 13kg
3.Shipping Size/CTN: 0.013cmb (30cm×30cm×14cm)

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