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Electronic Theodolite

Model: GET14-202
1.Angular Accuracy: 2"
2.e-sensor Compensator
3.Built-in Laser Plummet
4.Li-ion Battery (30 hrs)
5.Dual Illuminated LCD
6.6-key Keyboard
7.Diagonal Eyepiece a/v

  • GET14-202
  • Geomaster
  • 90152000

Model: GET14-202
Angle measurement
1.Accuracy: 2"
2.Minimum reading: 1" or 5"
3.Reading System: Absolute Encoder
4.Circle Diameter (Horizontal, Vertical): 79mm
1)Horizontal Circle: dual
2)Vertical Circle: single
6.Measurement unit: 360°/400Gon/6400Mil


1.Magnification: 30X
2.Image: Erect
3.Objective Aperture: 45mm
4.Resolution Power: 3.5"
5.Field of View: 1º 30'
6.Shortest Focusing Distance: 1.3m
7.Multiplication Constant: 100
8.Additive Constant: 0
9.Tube Length: 156mm

1.Style: e-sensor
2.Working Range: ±3'

Dada Memory and Display
1.Inner Memory: 1000 points
2.Output Interface: RS-232C
3.Illuminated LCD: 2-sided, segment LCD, in two lines
4.6-button interface Panel

Laser Plummet (built-in)
1.Laser source: 650nm, class II, output: <5mW
2.Dot diameter: ≤2-4mm at 5m
3.Working range: <5m
4.Accuracy: ±1.0mm at 1.5m

1.Circular: 8'/2mm
2.Plate: 30"/2mm

Power Supply and Ambient
1.Lithium Battery: DC 6V
2.Universal Adapter (Charger): 100-240V, 10A, 50Hz
3.Operating Time: approx 30 hours
4.Ambient Temperature: -20-+45°C
5.Waterproof and dust-proof: IP3-4

1.Standard: Battery, Charger, Adjusting Pin, Desiccant, Plumb Bob, Screwdriver, Woolen
cloth, User Manual (CD), Plastic Carrying Case
2.For option: Diagonal Eyepiece (Model: DE-1903; NW: 23g)
3.Recommended: Please refer to "surveying tripods".

Note:Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice.

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Packing Details
Model: GET14-202
1.Instrument Dimension: 160×175×340(mm)
2.Net Weight: 7kg (Instrument + Case)
4.G.W./CTN: 8kg
5.Size/CTN: 0.057CBM (49cm×30cm ×39cm)

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