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Heavy-duty Leveling Staff

Model: HAS5-5/F4-B9
1.Heavy-duty Aluminum Leveling Staff
2.5 meter (16ft),5 sections
3.Front Reading (F4): E (10mm)
4.Back Reading (B9): 1mm
5.Circular Bubble,Carrying Bag

  • HAS5-5/F4-B9
  • Geomaster
  • 9015900090

Specifications & Features
Model: HAS5-5/F4-B9
1.Length & Sections: 5×5: 1.23~5 meter (4~16ft), 5 sections
2.Wear-resistant and anti-glaring Graduations (Readings)
1)Front Reading (F4): E (10mm)
2)Back Reading (B9): 1mm (ascending reading)
3.More Graduations (Readings) available at Graduation Chart
4.Accuracy: ±1.5mm/Full Length; ±0.3mm/m
5.Tube Thickness: ≧1.3mm
6.Dimensions of the Bottom Section: 72mm×41mm×1.3mm plus
7.Equipped with Circular Bubble (20´/2mm) for easy and fast leveling
8.Coming with strong water-proof Carrying Bag for convenient carrying and transport
9.Medium-duty Leveling Staff Bipods available: BPS19-180 series and BPS19-185 series
10.Leveling Staff Ground Plate/Change Plate (GPS) for option
11.Customization service available
HAS3-3 (3m×3sections),HAS4-4 (4m×4sections)
HAS5-3 (53sections),HAS5-4 (54sections),HAS5-5 (55sections)
HAS6-5 (6m×5sections),HAS7-5 (75sections),HAS8-6 (8m×6sections)

Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice.

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Packing Details
Model: HAS5-5/F4-B9
1.N.W./PC: 2.7kg
2.Qty./CTN: 6pcs
3.G.W./CTN: 22kg
4.Size/CTN: 0.045cbm(135cm×30cm×11cm)

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