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Laser Scanner Sphere

Model: LSS21-145A
1.Aluminum Laser Scanner Sphere
2.Outer Diameter 145mm
3.Anti-glare Coating 
4.Three different Adapters
5.Compatible with all Laser Scanners
6.Tough and durable
7.Different Diameters a/v

  • LSS21-145A
  • Geomaster
  • 9031809090

Model: LSS21-145A
1.Wide Field Applications
Precise geometrical designing and guaranteed manufacturing (Allowable Deviation <1mm) ensure accurate and efficient scanning from all directions; highly compatible with and widely used in all present top-brand 3D Laser Scanners such as Leica HDS series, Faro Focus series, Trimble FX series, Riegl VZ series, Z+F IMAGER series and so on. 

2.Large-format and different-diameter Scanning Reference Sphere (SRS)
LSS21-100A: OD:100mm (4"), LSS21-150A: OD:150mm (6")
LSS21-200A: OD:200mm (8"), LSS21-230A: OD:230mm (9")
LSS21-145A: OD:145mm (5.7"); T: 0.60mm; N.W.:280-290g; with Brass Mounting Rest
(OD: 22mm; Female Thread M8×1.25)

3.Anti-reflective (Anti-glareCoating 
White shock-proof Ball painted with enhanced anti-reflective (anti-glare) properties ideal
for optimum reflectivity

4.Diversified Connecting Adapters (Chrome-plated or Blackening oxidized)
1)Magnetic Mounting Adapter (MMA-50: OD: 300mm; N.W.: 46-50g)
Male Thread M8×1.25 into SRS and strong Magnetic Mounting Base for fixing on various metal surfaces to respond to different working sites.

2)Leica-style Adapter (GAD-50: N.W.: 70-75g) 
Male Thread M8×1.25 into SRS and Leica-style end to mount on Prism Poles, Ranging Poles, GPS Poles or Tribrachs with Leica standard Stub.

3)Universal Adapter (Univ-5/8: N.W.: 17-20g)
Male Thread M8×1.25 into SRS and female Thread 5/8" to mount onto Prism Poles, Ranging Poles,
GPS/GNSS Poles,Tripods or Tribrachs with male Thread 5/8" or mount onto universal Prism Adapter with Dia: 25mm

5.Various Combos for Option
1)SRS+GNNS Adapter+GNSS Tribrach
2)SRS+GNSS Adapter GNSS Tribrach+Tripod (Aluminum, Wooden or Fibreglass)
3)SRS+Prism Pole+Tripod (Aluminum, Wooden or Fibreglass)
4)SRS+GNSS Pole+Tripod (Aluminum, Wooden or Fibreglass)
5)SRS+Leveling Rod (Staff)+Bipod (Prism Bipod or GNSS Bipod)

1)Customization service available
2)Any updating would be subject to occur without prior notice!!

Alternative Names
Geomax Target,Leica Target,Nikon Target,Prism Carrier,Prism Holder,Prism Target,Retro Sheet,Retro Target,Retroreflective Sheet,Retroreflective Tape,
Retroreflective Target,Seco Target,Sokkia Target,Survey Target,Surveying Accessories,Surveying Equipment,Surveying Instrument,Surveying Target,Topcon Target,Trimble Target,Geomaster Target,3D Target,3D Laser Target,3D Scanner Target,3D Scanner Sphere,Laser Scanner Sphere,Leica Scanner Target,
Scanner Reference,Reference Sphere,Reference Target,Leica Scanner,Faro Scanner,Trimble Scanner,Geomax Scanner,Riegl Scanner.

Model: LSS21-145A
1.Light-weighted Aluminum 3D Laser Scanning Sphere: 145mm O.D.
2.Wide different diameters available: 100mm,150mm,200mm,230mm
3.Anti-reflective Coating ideal for optimum reflectivity
4.Magnetic Mounting Adapter for fixing on various metal surfaces 
5.Leica-style Adapter for GPS/Laser/Prism Poles or Tribrachs w. Leica standard Stub.
6.Universal Adapter for GPS/Laser/Prism Poles,Tripods or Tribrachs (w. male Thread 5/8")
7.Adapters chrome-plated or black-oxidized
8.Flexible packing available: single piece by cardboard box or 6pcs by Al. Case
9.Compatible with and widely used in all present top-brand 3D Laser Scanners such as Leica
HDS series, Faro Focus series, Trimble FX series, Riegl VZ series, Z+F IMAGER series and so on. 
10.Various Combinations for option

Packing Details

Model: LSS21-145A

1.Each LSS21-145A includes 1pc Scanning Reference Sphere (SRS-145A), 1pc Magnetic Mounting Adapter (MMA-50), 1pc Leica-style Adapter (GAD-50) and 1pc Universal Adapter (Univ-5/8).

2.6 kits LSS21-145A contained in a rugged,light-weighted and cushioned (pre-cut foam insert) Aluminum Carrying Case ACC-145A (N.W.: 3.35-3.40kg; Dimensions: 51cm×35cm×22cm)

3.Shipping Carton
1)Qty per Shipping Carton: 6pcs; G.W.: 7kg
2)Size per Shipping Carton: 0.05cbm(55cm×39cm×24cm)

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