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Reflectorless Total Station

Model: GTS-602R
1.Angular accuracy: 2"
2.Dual-axis compensation
3.Laser measures up to 600m
4.Prisms measure up to 5000m
5.Bluetooth,USB Drive,Dual LCD

  • GTS-602R
  • Geomaster
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Key Specifications
Model: GTS-602R
1.Angular accuracy: 2"
2.Distance accuracy: ±(2mm+2ppm×D)
3.Dual-axis compensation
4.Laser measures up to 600m
5.Prisms measure up to 3500-5000m
6.Internal Memory up to 50000 Points
7.Laser or Optical Plummet
8.Ni-H rechargeable Battery
9.Built-in Bluetooth
10.Dual LCD (26 graphic/numeric/functional Keys)

Note: Any updating would be subject to change without prior notice.

Alternative Names
Surveying Instrument, Surveying Equipment, Surveying Accessory, Automatic Level, Digital Level, Laser Level,Electronic Theodolite, Digital Theodolite, Total
Station, Reflectorless Total Station, Robotic Station,Laser Scanner, 3D Laser Scanner, Surveying Prism, Surveying Tripod, Leveling Rod, Leveling Staff,
Monitoring Prism,Surveying Prism, GPS & GNSS Receiver,RTK Receiver, Data Controller, Drone Survey, Surveying Drone, Mapping Drone, UAV Surveying,
Laser Scanner Target, Scanner Sphere,Drone Station,MultiStation

Detailed Specifications
Model: GTS-602R
1)Magnification: 30x
2)Image: Erect
3)Objective Aperture: 45mm (EDM: 50mm)
4)Tube Length: 150mm
5)Field of View: 1º30'
6)Resolution Power: 4.0"
7)Shortest Focusing Distance: 1.5m
8)Reticule Illumination: Provided

2.Angle Measurement
1)Accuracy: 2"
2)Measuring Mode: Absolute Encoding
3)Measuring Units: 100%,360º,400gon,mil
4)Minimum Reading: 1", 5" or 10"
5)Measurement Time: ≤0.3sec.
6)Diameter of Circles (HZ and V): 79mm


1)Compensation Style: Dual Axis
2)Correction Range: ±3'
3)Compensation Accuracy: ±1"

4.Distance Measurement (under good weather conditions)
1)Measuring Accuracy: ±(2mm+2ppm×D)

2)Measuring Range
(1)w/o Prism: 600m
(2)w.Retro Sheet: 600m
(3)w. 2"-3" Single Prism: up to 5000m
(4)w.4"-5" Single Prism: up to 3500m

3)Measuring Least Count
(1)Fine Mode: 1mm
(2)Coarse Mode: 10mm
(3)Tracking mode: 10mm

4)Measuring Time
(1)Fine Mode: 1.8sec (repeated) (initial 2.5sec)
(2)Coarse Mode: 0.9sec (repeated) (initial 2.5sec)
(3)Tracking mode: 0.4sec (initial 1.6sec)

5)Measuring Display: 12 digits; Coordinates: 9999999.999; Distance: 4999.999
6)Distance Measuring Unit: in Metric or English System
7)Atmospheric Correction: Automatic correction by inputting parameters
8)Prism Constant Correction: Automatic correction by inputting parameters

5.Communication (Data Transfer)
1)LCD and Keyboard: 2 sided, Black and White; Pixel 192×64; graphic, numeric keys and functional Keys (26)
2)Data Interface: RS-232,USB
3)Dada Format: ASCII,DXF,CSV,PTS


1)Internal: Standard: 50000 Points
2)External: Optional: USB Stick (16G to 32G)


7.Laser Plummet (built-in, default)
1)Laser Source: 630-670nm, Class II; output: <0.4mW
2)Dot Diameter: ≤3mm at 1.5m
3)Accuracy: ±1.5mm at 1.5m

8.Optical Plummet (optional)
1)Image: Erect
2)Magnification: 3x
3)Field of View: 5º (Ø114mm/1.3m)
4)Focusing Range: 0.5m to infinity


1)Plate Level: 30"/2mm
2)Circular Level: 8'/2mm


10.Power Supply
1)Adapter (Charger) Model: CHR-100; Input:100-240v,50-60Hz
2)Battery Types: BDC18H: Rechargeable Ni-H: 1.80Ah, DC7.2v
3)Operating Time: Approx. 9hrs for Distance and Angle Measurements


11.Ambient Conditions
1)Operating Temperature: -20℃~50℃
2)Storage Temperature: -20℃~55℃
3)Water-proof and Dust-proof:  IP54 (w.Battery)
4)Standard Accessories:Adapter (incl.Power Cable),Battery (Ni-H), Data Transfer Cable,Rain Cover,
Tools Bag,User Manual,Plastic Carrying Case
5)Optional Accessories: USB Stick (16G to 32G)

Model: GTS-602R
1.Wide applications: Angle measurement,Distance measurement,Coordinate measurement, Area measurement, 
Eccentricity measurement,Height-difference measurement,Offset,Layout,inaccessible-points height measurement.
2.Installed with Laser Pointer for quick targeting and precise measuring
3.Built-in Laser Plummet for efficient setting up on surveying point, and Optical Plummet optional
4.Large internal memory up to 50000 points and optional external USB Stick (16G to 32G) for secure and prolonged
5.Auto-compensation function for monitoring the system leveling and eliminating leveling errors
6.Multilingual: English,French,Spanish,German,Portuguese,Turkish
7.Ideal for novice user or student.

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