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Plumb Laser

Model: DRJ-1A
1.Manual-leveling Plumb Laser
2.Up-Laser Accuracy: 1/45000
3.Up-Laser Working Range: 120-150m
4.UP-Laser Beam Spot: ≤3mm at 80m
5.Down-Laser Accuracy: 1/2000
6.Down-Laser Min. Focusing Range: 0.5m

  • DRJ-1A
  • Geomaster
  • 9015900090

Features & Specifications
Model: DRJ-1A
1.Standard Deviation of one round-trip Up-plumbing Measurement: 1/45000
2.Error Limit of Diametrically downward Observation: 1/2000
3.Coaxial Error between Alignment Axis and Vertical Axis: ≤5mm
4.Coaxial Error between Laser Beam Axis and Alignment Axis: ≤5mm
5.Effective up-Laser Plumbing Range: Day-time: ≥120m; Night-time: ≤150m
6.Telescope System
1)Magnification: 26´
2)Objective Aperture: 36mm
3)Field of View: 1º30´
4)Min.Focusing Range: 0.4m
7.Up-Laser Beam: Semi-conductor Diode,635nm, Class Ⅱ,<5mw
8.Down-Laser Beam:
Min. Focusing Range: 0.5m; Semi-conductor Diode,650nm, Class Ⅱ,<0.5mw
9.UP-Laser Beam Spot Size (Diameter): ≤3mm at 80m
10.Plate Level: Accuracy: 20"/2mm
11.Power Supply: Alkaline or Rechargeable Battery: AA×2,DC 3v
12.Working Temperature: -25℃~45℃
13.Surveying Tripods and Laser Tripods available for DRJ-1A

Note: Any updating would be subject to occur without prior notice!!

Alternative Names
Laser Level, Cross-line Laser, Multi-line Laser, Plumb Laser, Point Laser, Laser Pole, Laser Mounting Pole, Laser Tripod,  Laser Scanner, Laser Tracker, Laser
Receiver, Laser Detector, Pipe Laser, Measuring Tool, Rotating Laser, Rugby Laser, Leica Laser, Hilti Laser, Bosch Laser, Topcon Laser, PLS Laser, Spectra
Laser, Johnson Level, Stanley Level, Dewalt Laser, Square Laser, Wall Laser, Floor Laser, Laser Square, Red Laser, Green Laser,Chalk Line Laser, Drone
Laser, UAV Laser, Surveying Instrument, Surveying Equipment, Surveying Accessory, Surveying Tool, Survey Laser, Rechargeable Laser, Spot Laser, Laser Plumb, Grade Laser

Packing Details
Model: DRJ-1A
1.N.W.: 2.8kg
2.Qty./CTN: 1pc
3.G.W./CTN: 7kg
4.Size/CTN: 0.043cbm(45cm×28cm×34cm)

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